​​Taste of Heven Bakery                                 Kings Highway, Bailey Town, North Bimini

Delicious Homemade Island Baked Goods

Kings Highway, Bailey Town | 242.347.3244 |E-mail - NA | Hours 11:00 am - 4:00 pm

TripAdvisor | Website - NA | MAP | $ 

​​Bimini Sands Resort and Marina                                                South Bimini, Bahamas

Charming Barefoot Luxury Resort

South Bimini, Bahamas | 888.588.2464 | jonisha@southbiminisands.com

TripAdvisor | Website | MAP | $$$ 


​​Getting to South Bimini by charter flight is quick and easy. South Bimini Airport (MYBS) is only a 30 minute flight from Miami Executive Airport (KTMB). Once in Bimini, clear customs and take a quick taxi to the Ferry Boat Dock, where you will travel the crystal blue waters to North Bimini in about 15 minutes. Ferries depart frequent throughout the day, and the cost of the taxi and the ferry is less than $10 per person.

We offer both Standard Charter Flights and Purchase By The Seat. To purchase your charter flight, simply Schedule Your Flight, receive your E-mail Confirmation with your approved itinerary and price, and purchase by clicking on the photo below. It's that easy.

​For more information, call us at 561.906.7153 or Flights@JetsetPrivateAir.com. 


Miami Executive Airport is located about 35 minutes Southwest of Miami Beach and a quick taxi or Uber ride from Miami International. JetsetPrivate Air can arrange transportation via Uber to Miami Executive Airport from anywhere in South Florida. Simply tell us when you would like to be picked up and pay easily over mobile phone. We can arrange flights from other South Florida airports.

Travel along King's Highway, the main road through the towns of North Bimini. On your way, explore one of the many cross-streets that wind their way to the Ocean and end at a secluded beach. Traveling this road, picture the rumrunners, who stashed their rum on the shores of the Island during Prohibition.

Stop at the Taste of Heaven Bakery for homemade donuts, sweet rolls and coffee - rated #1 by TripAdvisor. 

Bimini is know as one of the bone fishing capitals of the Bahamas. So hire a guide and spend the morning fly fishing for local bonefish or take to the seas for deep sea fishing like the legendary Ernest Hemingway.

For lunch, make your way to a local roadside conch shack for cracked conch salad. Try Joe's Conch Shack. The conch comes fresh from the sea. Sit at the bar and watch your conch salad being made, while exchanging local gossip with the chef. For a typical Bahamian lunch of fried conch and other local specialities, make your way to the 
Aqua Grille. Set next to the serene infinity pool, you can enjoy lunch and a tasty rum-filled tropical drink while gazing at the Ocean.

In the afternoon, you can take a dive trip to the legendary Bimini Road, and underwater "highway" of stone formations dating back 5,000 to 10,000 years, and thought to be the mythical lost city of Atlantis. Then, explore the many shipwrecks ravaged on the coral reefs during the 1928 hurricane. 

Take a kayak and paddle amongst the mangroves to the Healing Hole, a natural deep sulfur spring that the locals claim have healing powers. Swim with the sharks and view them up close in their natural surroundings or play in the blue-green waters with the local spotted dolphins, who are friendly and social - no snorkeling or scuba equipment required.   

At the end of the day, relax at one of the Islands many local bars - the Healing Hole Rum Bar serves tropical cocktails and local grilled Bahamian specialities - sip rum cocktails while taking in the sunset and beautiful water views.


Bimini, Bahamas

Located just 53 miles from Florida's shore, the Bimini Islands are the closest Bahamian islands to the United States, and is an ideal escape for a day or weekend. Steeped in history, Bimini is known as the place Ernest Hemingway was inspired to write two of his legendary novels, The Old Man and the Sea and Islands in the Sun, while staying at the Compleat Angler Hotel in the 1930s. Rustic and unspoiled, Bimini is home to endless empty beaches, friendly locals, and fresh, uncomplicated local cuisine. 

Your charter flight takes you over the aqua blue waters of the Bahamas to South Bimini, where you will land on a simple airstrip. Clear customs and take a small fishing boat-sized ferry across the turquoise blue waters to North Bimini about 15 minutes away. 

The ferry will arrive in Alice Town, the main town. There you can travel the Island on foot or rent one of the Island's famous golf carts to explore the Island's many charming towns and beaches. 

​​Hilton at Resorts World Bimini                                                 Alice Town, North Bimini

Mega Resort

Hilton Resorts at World Bimini - North Bimini Alice Town| 888.930.8688 | E-mail - NA

TripAdvisor | Website | MAP | $$ - $$$

​​Bimini Big Game Club Resort & Marina                                  Alice Town, North Bimini

Rustic - Authentic

Kings Highway, Alice Town |800.867.4764 | info@biggameclubbimini.com

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​​Bimini Big Game Club Resort & Marina                                  Alice Town, North Bimini

Authentic - Hangout of the writer Ernest Hemingway

Kings Highway, Alice Town | 242.347.4764 | info@biggameclubbimini.com

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Getting around North Bimini is quick and easy. There are several choices. Golf carts are an efficient way to explore the Island, and multiple golf cart rental companies are located a short walk from the ferry boat in Alice Town. Just walk down the main road. Alternatively, one could explore by foot, as most attractions are off the main road. Locals are friendly, so don't be surprised if you are offered a ride in a local golf cart along the way.

Capt. Pat's Island Golf Cart Rentals | Alice Town, North Bimini | 242.347.3477 |  E-Mail - NA | Website - NA

D&S Golf Cart Rental | South Bimini | 242.473-0216 | E-mail - NA | Website - NA

Dolphin's Golf Cart Rental | Alice Town, North Bimini | 242.464-5025 | E-mail - NA | Website - NA

​Le'Rick's Golf Carts | Alice Town, North Bimini | 242.347.4043 |  E-Mail - NA | Website - NA

M&M Golf Cart Rental | Bailey Town, North Bimini | 242.347.2375 |  E-Mail - NA | Website - NA

Sluggo & Renee | Bailey Town, North Bimini | 242.347.2453 |  E-Mail - NA | Website - NA

Sue & Joy's Golf Cart Rentals | Alice Town, North Bimini | 242.347.6081 |  E-Mail - NA | Website - NA

Surf Golf Cart Rentals | Alice Town, North Bimini | 242.347.6042 |  E-Mail - NA | Website - NA

​​Uncle Tanny's Golf Cart Rental | Bailey Town, North Bimini | 242.347.2840 |  E-Mail - NA | Website - NA​​

Top Bimini Hotels | TripAdvisor | Expedia  
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Top Bimini Activities | TripAdvisor


​We would be glad to assist you in planning your perfect trip to Bimini, Bahamas. For your charter flight, we can provide transportation to/from the departure and destination airports, pre-flight premium champagne and cocktails, snacks and light bites, customized in-flight catering from South Florida's finest restaurants and gourmet markets, and customized gift treats to make your flight truly special. 

We can also assist hotel, restaurant and activity reservations, provide recommendations and insider access, and plan an entire evening or weekend for you and your guests - perfect for group travel or a romantic weekend escape.

For more information, contact us at 561.906.7153 or Flights@JetsetPrivateAir.com.  


Joe's Conch Shack                                                                     Bailey Town, North Bimini

Rustic - Authentic - Right from the Ocean and Prepared in Front of You

Main Road, Bailey Town | 242.554.5183 | E-mail - NA

TripAdvisor | Website - NA | $ - $$ 



  • The deserted local beaches with crystal clear waters and colorful seashells
  • Local Seafood, fresh from the sea at a roadside seafood stand
  • Conch salad - a local specialty - just out of the shell with a touch of fresh lime
  • The local history - from Hemingway to rum running
  • Swimming with the sharks and diving amongst the shipwrecks
  • A morning snack of warm homemade donuts from the local bakery


  • The golf cart rental is a short walk down the main road from the ferry
  • The currency of the Bahamas is the Bahamian dollar
  • U.S. dollars are accepted most places
  • Flights to Bimini are daytime only
  • Bimini is rustic - don't expect 5-star hotels or dining options, except in Mega Hotels
  • All passengers are required to have a passport to enter the Bahamas - including children and infants
  • Bring cash - not all hotels and restaurants accept credit cards
  • A $29 per person Departure Fee is payable in cash to Bahamas Customs upon leaving the Bahamas​